Supernatural God (Poem)

I am flawed, I am unclean

Imperfect is me.

I know how to step to the beat, I have learned how to fit in.

Perfectly like a puzzle piece

My walk a silk scarf in the breeze.

Graceful is me.

I am completely natural. I know how to be ordinary now.

Are you proud of me? I am the same as you.


1 shade of grey

1 dimensional

1 day the well inside began to overflow.


I forgot how to fit in

I realised I can’t be the same as you

You don’t know you.

I don’t know me.

Engulfed by the suffocating fog

I need some clarity.


I need someone that can lead me

Because all my sense of direction is off

I need someone that can hold me

I am shivering, alone and cold.

I need someone that can tell me

Baby girl, I got this all planned out.


But you don’t, you can’t, you won’t.

I need a supernatural God.


God forgive me

For not being who you made me

For seeing perfection in the natural

Blind to the supernatural strength within me.

I need you to reveal the plan you have for me

Show me that my life is worth something, anything

Show me I’m walking in the direction of you


Man won’t, They can’t.

I need a supernatural God



God I don’t know how to be different

But I don’t remember how to be the same

I’m in a twilight zone

Empty but full all at once.

Show me how to be the me that was created by you.


A person won’t, they can’t

I need a supernatural God


I realise that I need to be changed from the inside


I need to rid of old thought patterns


I need to be a vessel pumping you into the world


I need to make a change



It’s all too much, God will you help me.


You can, you will, you want to.

I have found my supernatural God

His name is Jesus.


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