Passion is a never ending conversation. It flows like melted chocolate, its sweet as honey. A feeling that is barely controllable, transporting you into a world where anything is possible.

An unbeatable force, the reason for resilience. Unrelenting passion can open doors that you didn’t even think possible.


When Thomas Edison was asked how it felt to fail 1,000 times, he replied saying “I didn’t fail 1,000 times, the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps”

How you see things changes everything. Once you learn to look at things in a positive light, life suddenly becomes brighter. Passion suddenly becomes doable and the world isn’t all bad.

Your perception can greatly determine the outcome, pay attention to your thoughts.


Quitting is so easy, there is so much comfort in not trying or putting your all into something because then you cant really fail. Unlike passion, perseverance isn’t even a sexy word. Too many letters and syllables, just writing the word is effort let alone carrying out the action in which it denotes.

Without perseverance, however, anything you do is void. you will be caught in a cycle of starting and stopping, never reaching a point of substance because you gave up as soon as it got hard. 

Perseverance is not sexy, its difficult and may cause tears, sweat and breakdowns, but its all worth it in the end.


Oh, LORD, I cant do this without you. Things can get hard, really hard. To the point where giving up not only seems like the better option but the only option. Help me continue even when everything is rocky. To have my end goal in sight while feeling peace in the now.